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Welcome to KIE Cosmetics! Where we believe, the "KIE" to beauty is YOU. A cosmetic line that is born from the Land Below The Wind, Sabah, we are the true embodiment of "Beauty With A Purpose" as we are also an avid mental health advocate, a cause that hits home to Kieren Laurent, the Founder of KIE Cosmetics, who is a former Malaysian Beauty Queen turned entrepreneur and a Bipolar Disorder Fighter, herself.

Here at KIE Cosmetics, we strive to provide you with KIE products that are high-quality, ethically sourced and cruelty-free that won't break your bank without ever compromising on the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of our formulations.

This means that our KIE products do not contain Parabens and along side a long list of 1600 potentially harmful and irritating ingredients.

So, enjoy your shopping at KIE Cosmetics and join the KIE Cosmetics Family today!

The 'KIE' to beauty

At KIE Cosmetics, we believe that the "KIE" to beauty is that every individual has their own form of beauty, its just a matter of discovering, celebrating and owning it. Our range of lovingly and meticulously crafted products are for everyone and to empower you to express your uniqueness and embrace your true self. KIE products are made to enhance your beauty and not to mask it away.

Here is to Self-Acceptance, Self-Love and Self-Care, that is the "KIE".

KIE Kindness Fund

At the core of our Social Corporate Responsibility, the KIE Kindness Fund is established where every 1% of the proceed of a sale will be channeled into the fund to support individuals in need, empowering their mental health well-being while actively working towards eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. Through our unwavering commitment, we aim to create a society that embraces and celebrates the unique journey of every individual, fostering a culture of compassion, understanding and acceptance.


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